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esb_t4r 02-24-2018 10:53 PM

P1445 & Low Idle RPM Question
Hi 4Runner friends,

'05 V8 with 97K miles -

The CEL along with the VSC/traction lights came on last Thursday as I was leaving work. There was no noticeable change in performance however with the exception of the engine RPM idling quite low while in gear (~450 RPM).

I tightened the gas cap and the CEL stayed on. Then got the code read Friday (P1445, Secondary Air System related), and the CEL/VSC lights have been OFF since, however the car is still idling at around 450 RPM.

I did notice also that the A/C was not working at idle, but would kick in once I started driving - could this be a secondary issue due to the RPM? I put a new battery in the car a few months ago as well fwiw; However I did drive with the old battery which was definitely bad and required daily trickle charging for probably about four months and probably strained the alternator (stupid, I know).

I've never had any issues mechanically with the engine and drive it pretty easy. I did just change the spark plugs around 95K miles, and the idle RPM was low after I did that for a day or two, which I read may have been due to unplugging the MAF when I removed the airbox to change the passenger side plugs. It did return to normal after the spark plug job and has been fine ever since.

Anyone have any thoughts? Any troubleshooting suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I did not see much on this forum related to the P1445 code.


tomcat144d 10-18-2018 08:35 AM

Low ideal 300 to 500 rpm
You know I've done the plugs and alternator battery and a day or two as well same issue usually works it self out this its stalling at lights very very low ideal. However it posts a o2 sensor1 bank 1 02 sensor 1 bank2 low current replace. I've never been a parts switcher before so I've checked for vacuums leaks every where carb cleaner no leaks any where. Replace all vac hoses as precaution due to age and temperature here in California. Worked for a 50k and now o2 sensor hitting codes however all voltages are with in factory sec ETF anybody got any ideas hit me up. Thanks again .:spank: :guns:

Dealmaker 10-19-2018 09:36 AM

Regarding gas caps, the wife's LX470 recently had P0456 code (one associated w/gas cap no longer working as it was intended to - happened to all three of my Toyota's over the past 5 yrs.

I'd take the caps off and put back on and tighten and code would remain or come back. However, once I'd replace the caps w/a new factory cap ($22), code went bye-bye.

So maybe replace the cap instead of just tightening?

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