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expat 01-30-2016 02:42 PM

Instal a power steering cooler
So after poor maintenance and burning my old fluid, causing me to loose my powersteering in the mountains, it was time to fix this with the installation of a power steering cooler.

Ordered one from Summit Racing for $37.98 shipped in one day. PRM-1010 Thin Line Trans Cooler Kit

I wanted to instal the new cooler away from the actual radiator so each received their own flow of air. I didn't want to use the "thru the radiator fins" instal method that comes with the kit. Installing the way I did, the new cooler is about 2" away from the main radiator Here's the space I wanted it to go in.

bought flat stock from hardware and bent over edge of workbench to get the shape to surround the cooler

Cooler inside flat stock

How I mounted the cooler frame at one end

Needed to make a tab to hold this end in

Needed a new hose that turned 180 degrees so just went down to local Pep Boys and showed them the supplied hose and what I wanted


Things yet to do
- get a slightly bigger inside dia. hose (180 degrees)
- going to make a new surround with more accurate measurements
- need a larger internal diameter hose for cooler to reservoir

expat 01-30-2016 02:59 PM

To explain the flow...

Return oil comes across the front of the radiator, from driver side to passenger side.

This pipe, that runs across the front, is actually a metal "cooling line" (dissipates heat to the air). I wanted to retain this. On the passenger side of this metal pipe it changes back to a rubber pipe and disappears downwards into engine bay and back up to the reservoir.

So I disconnected the rubber pipe where it normally disappears and then used the 180 degree hose to divert the fluid from the metal pipe, into the cooler. From the cooler I routed the supplied hose (in the kit) behind the headlight and around the reservoir and into the supply side (top, thin line).

At this stage I discovered the supplied hose had a marginally too small diameter so I will need to replace this hose with something a little larger.

Other notes:
Needed to cut the corner out of my winch solenoid box mount and move it across a few inches to get as much air across the cooler fins as possible. I was not worried about cutting down the mount as it's a VERY solid piece of steel.

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