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Darklight 03-11-2013 07:34 AM

After watching a couple videos online, it looks like I should be able to use the ball joint tool to remove these while they're still attached to lca, I would just need to swing away the spindle and cv to get to the top of the lbj and use the bj tool to remove and install in the drive way.

Thought I would add my info on here. I rented ball joint kit part# 648617 PowerBuilt from a local Advancd Auto Parts and was able to remove the stock weeping/worn lbj and press in the Moog lbg. Remove the 2 lower 19mm bolts 103 lbs trq, then remove the 1 large bolt holding the lbj on is a 24mm bolt 166 lbs of trq . Remove the tierod from the spindle 19mm bolt 67lbs of trq. Jack up, support and push to the side the spindle assembly/cv. The kit comes with multiple pieces for removal and installation. You will need a 22mm socket to use the kit. You have to watch the video to get a better idea of the configuration for removal/installing. If you like puzzles you can figure it out pretty easy,lol. Once you have the configuration of the tool on properly it takes some muscle. It was a bear to press it off. I used a 1/2" breaker bar with a 2' cheater pipe and rowed it gradually off. Same thing for install just reverse. I didn't have to remove LCA to get to it I just used a floor jack to push the spindle and cv assembly up and off to the side far enough to get to the lbj. I moved them towards the firewall/vehicle. Also, I used the caliper as the jacking point and had several bungy cords supporting the spindle as well. On the top of the stock lbj is a large c-clip/snapring. I used a flathead scredriver and a hammer to tap it off. Watch it when it comes off it will go flying :) I will get some pic's up of the install as well.

Overal I am very happy with the results for $30.00 Moog lbg from Amazon and a $0 rental tool :) I was nervous going in to this but it was not that bad really. I was quoted from $150 - $1,300.00 from 3 shops to either remove the lbj or replace the entire lca assembly. Only 1 shop said they would do just the lbj and that was a fello friends shop that knows Toyota's and works on this platform.

Here is the videos I watched before hand.

Darklight 04-04-2013 06:06 PM

Install pictures: by Bobby Galeazzi, on Flickr

most of the tools I used aside from the ball joint press kit by Bobby Galeazzi, on Flickr

ball joint tool worked great just had to use some muscle and creativity to move the cv/spindle aside and out of the way, pressing the old out and new one in by Bobby Galeazzi, on Flickr by Bobby Galeazzi, on Flickr

New one in and all greased up, I did put the grease zerk at a hard to get to angle once the cv was back in it's place,
it is just barely to the side/under it and needed to be at a 45 degree angle of the cv. This will make latter service/regrease more interesting , lol. by Bobby Galeazzi, on Flickr by Bobby Galeazzi, on Flickr

Everything all torqued down.

I used M1 full synthetic chassis grease,

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