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next up was my turn

after that we both decided to find the biggest rock we could climb to flex their legs a bit and do a little posin eat your heart out IFS

shot of my brother and the truck

Pedrams assent

then to wrap up the day we headed up to top of the world from the quarry to show my brother how beautiful it is up there

and a farwell shot all loaded up and heading home

all in all the truck did great although there are definitely things needing attention. its been sitting for over a year so things were probably forgotten or just dryed up or worn out.

1. brakes need upgrading and definite flushing of the lines
2. clutch needs replacing (have new in the garage)
3. definite EFI upgrade in the near future
4. replace broken motor mount (was driving all day with the trans case smashing back and forth in the shifter cutout)
5. getting a clunking from the front axle when its engaged, not sure whether its the locking hub or in the Diff itself
6. bolts on the whole truck need to be tightened down (doors were mounted with only one bolt in each hinge and all bolts were half way unscrewed haha)
7. shifter bushing might need to be changed
8. axle seals need to be changed out front and rear
9. needs softer suspension. was banging all around hard all day. course that could have been the broken motor mount though.

that should about do it for the time being.
all that being said the truck is awesome and looking forward to beatin the hell out of it some more in the future

thanks again Pedram for giving me the opportunity to pick it up from you so we can share in the SAS first gen shenanegans
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