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Originally Posted by crazydubman View Post
well this one is to run the trails up here that don't have sand and joshua trees

after the bumper and fenders on the runner its getting put on hold for a while. don't want to get it to the point where i wish i didn't do as much as i did ya know

haha ya well i could have waited on picking it up but i knew i was gonna need it so i bit the bullet. Pedram and I have already been working on it, adding D rings etc for it. will be adding some more cross supports for the wood, and probably a small tool box on the tongue for ratchet straps, tools etc. possibly an onboard winch down the road.
There you go... it is a money pit once again. Todd is seems like you like projects... First the racer V-dub's, then the 06 Runner, your new trailer, and now my old "MINI Monster" truck. What's next?

See it just shows you that you don't need a $40,000.00 toy to wheel. Or even $4,000. Infact the truck I'm passing down to you is about 1/4 of that and it does better than most $40,000 trucks. Yes it's a little rough but hell you can pay all your bills when you get home. AND....... it still has most of it's parts that it came with from the factory.

I'm telling you.... don't need much to wheel it. EVEN if it has a few down sides. Just drive it around some more before you really drop some dough in it. It's not a luxury truck. It's a wheeler. Flip that thing. Then you can say you have been in a real truck.
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