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Originally Posted by Pedram88 View Post
There you go... it is a money pit once again. Todd is seems like you like projects... First the racer V-dub's, then the 06 Runner, your new trailer, and now my old "MINI Monster" truck. What's next?

See it just shows you that you don't need a $40,000.00 toy to wheel. Or even $4,000. Infact the truck I'm passing down to you is about 1/4 of that and it does better than most $40,000 trucks. Yes it's a little rough but hell you can pay all your bills when you get home. AND....... it still has most of it's parts that it came with from the factory.

I'm telling you.... don't need much to wheel it. EVEN if it has a few down sides. Just drive it around some more before you really drop some dough in it. It's not a luxury truck. It's a wheeler. Flip that thing. Then you can say you have been in a real truck.
very true Pedram very true.

right now just the maintenance items will be addressed and i will see how it works out. don't think it will be much more than 500 total to get it up to where it should be as it sits with the needed repairs taken care of.

as you know i always need something to tinker with.... so i can stop messin with my nice reliable 4runner. i think the mini monster will give me that and then some. and give me a huge learning curve and new avenue for me to explore.

oh and i have already flipped something and it sucked hahahaha. then again it was going a lot faster than a crawl..........

Originally Posted by Pedram88 View Post
I guess you want Todd to tell his story like you did about not having breaks on slick rock huh? Well guess what mister, this truck has some decent breaks. They still work.

In time. There are so many trips we can get involved in. I'm still trying to catch up with the welding. Damn so many side jobs opened up for me. THANKS TODD!!
hahaha ya the brakes work they just need some TLC and for me to get used to them.

hey all im doin is giving you some more practice. well me and Antonio haha.
hopefully next week we can take your front axle apart and see what was making the noise we heard.
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