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Originally Posted by kdubz
I got a 30,000lb 30 ft pro comp recovery strap today and a hitch shackle thing from 4wheel parts. (The darn thing was expensive)

Is one strap all I need?
I got my 3" 30' strap from wheelers. They are not too expensive and it is a pretty good quality strap.

I have 1 or 2 extra straps, shorter 20' and 2". I have used them a few times for mud recoveries. That way I just give it to the person being recovered, after the recovery. They are cheap and I dont really want to deal with a muddy strap afterwards. Reminds me I probably need to get one more at some point.

I also have a snatch strap for heavy duty recoveries, but have yet to use it. I'll save that for a really rainy day.

Next on the list is winch recovery gear.

So basically it is good to have a heavy duty 30' strap adn a shorter (cheaper) 20' strap for those muddy pulls that don't require that bulk, but you don't want to mess up your nice strap. Make sure you have shackles though. Normally one strap is good, but a cheaper second strap is sometimes good to have. More important is to wheel with other folk to pull you out

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