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Originally Posted by International Felon View Post
Hi everyone,
I'm a new member on this forum and this thread is exactly what I've been looking for.
I am leading a group of friends up to Monache Meadows next weekend (I've been there numerous times and know what to expect), and we are planning on running Sherman Pass on the way back (which I have never done and don't really know what to expect). I have downloaded the maps and GPS points from this thread and have everything ready to go. Thank you for sharing that, btw, it is going to be extremely helpful!
Can someone tell me about how long it will take to cross Sherman Pass from Blackrock Ranger Station to Isabella Lake? Is there any reason it is preferable to go from Isabella to Blackrock other than the uphill vs. downhill? I want to get to Monache early enough in the day that we have our pick of the campsites and still have time to do some exploring.
Everyone I am leading is an experienced wheeler, and the pictures and videos I saw don't look like anything we can't handle. I've just never done this trail before and I'm looking for any insider information I can get.

Thanks in advance!
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Probably post up the question in the trail planning section (start a new thread), this thread is used to post map files and datapoints.

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