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I also got some tools for my Birthday so I can do my own lift and work on my 4Runner if needed. Did my driveline service and swapped out front/rear and transfer case to M1 fluids.
Meet up with some local Toyota owners and hit Uwharrie again. This time we ran every trail out there including the backside of Daniel to the top and then back down.


After a while I ended up needing new tires but could not afford a more aggressive ones at the time. I found a brand new set of OE FJ tires on the Blue room. A week later I got all 5 265/70R17 with around 1,200 miles on them for $200.00, Thanks FJTom. I was excited about this because these were a step up in size compared to my stock 265/65r17. That Christmas I added a small ” body lift to help with a small amount of rubbing I was getting with the tires during off roading. Thanks MikeStang.

Also got a FJ Raingler net for the cargo area, Thanks BlairB.

Also got a new DynoMax muffler for Christmas. Spec’s: DynoMax Super turbo muffler with added turn down pipe Model 17748 2- 1/2 in/out, it has a nice deep rumble.

Some pic’s of the muffler set up and info:

Muffler Thread

Then I started noticing some sponginess in my front suspension and found a worn out front swaybar bushing. That is when I started experimenting with removing it for off road trips and it was indeed a major advantage off road! I would put it back on after trips though. I ordered Moog Thermo swaybar bushings front #K80820 /rear #K90394 and rear endlink #K6600 bushings per MCL_68 recommendations. Thanks Mark, These made the suspension more predictable in turns over the stock rubber with less sway.
I waited until I could get a real full off road replacement suspension lift. Knowing that I would ultimately have full armor skids, front bumper and winch, rear bumper with tire carrier. I started looking at adjustable coilovers. Icon and Radflo were at the top of the list but Overland Warehouse was exactly what I was looking for. After getting good feedback from others I contacted Andries. After talking with Andries and telling him my plans for the build and my daily use I had my mind made up. Right around that time Icon came out with the VS series rear shocks. These were a bit more affordable so, I decided to pair the 2 together. Using Overland Warhouse Radflo coilovers up front and Overland Warehouse prototype rear coils with Icon VS in the rear. I ditched the front swaybar, “we don’t need no stinking swaybar” the ride feels great on rd and off.

Below are some pictures and links to the initial install:

With added rear spacer

Link to install:

Overland Warehouse 2.5"/Icon VS install

Around the same time I bought an ATO front skid 3/16” steel painted it satin black. This covers from the front to the Tranny or front/mid area as one unit. I also bought some ultimate sliders from Stubbs welding. Had a good experience talking with him as well and had them slightly customized with the rear kick out. Brought them over to my friend and fellow Toyota owner Mike and welded them on.

Here are some pic’s:

The added height really helped on the trail and the suspension feels AWESOME.
Took it out on the rocks and enjoyed the ride immensely!

2008 Black 4X4Runner SR5 V6, Total Chaos Race series 2" plus kit, King 700 lbs LT coilovers & MetalTech stage 5 LT rear, 315/75R16 KM2, Strike 6 16x8.5 -6 wheels , Demello offroad 3 hoop, 4X4Labs rear, ATO, RCI ,BudBuilt, Stubbs sliders, 4Crawler B/L 3/4", DynoMax , K&N , Speski barrier, sPOD, ARB CKM12, ARB locker front/rear 4.56 gears WMW roof rack
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