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Off topic a bit...

Robert - the one reason for the social media apps - there’s tons of trips every month to attend. I think you’ll find you don’t get much response to your trips because social media is where all the group trips are being planned. I started a thread on about making a group local to me (Ventura County). We got a dozen guys after a few weeks to our first meetup. Not because of my post per se, but someone created a social media group that drew the attention of people in this area. Forums aren’t working the same way they used too.

Off topic more....

I went to a Toyota event recently. I went to support Wyatt at Rock Solid Toys. It was hosted by a dude from the East coast calling himself TacomaBeast. It’s a social media money making adventure for him. He travels the country going to OFFROAD trails and events selling....T-shirts, stickers, lanyards etc.! The event was held at Eibach and they provided a tour of the facilities every hour ALL DAY to I’m guessing a 1000 or so people in attendance. And guess what, of the 30-40 vendors there more than half were selling non parts example patches to stick on your headliner, t-shirts blah blah. It was sad to see. Almost nothing in the way of suspension, tires, hilifts, recovery gear... it was weird. It was quite the event tho I must say. Lots of rigs! Like 100’s! Many with just bolt on **** but never off-roader - just look at the undercarriage for proof or not, of OFFROAD adventure lol.
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