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Originally Posted by Untamed
Also, what is wrong with placing the loop over the ball hitch instead of using a shackle? I have done this many times with no problems but these shackles seem to be preferred.
You really don't want to do that. That ball flying at 100mph into the back of a puller's head can put a real downer on the day. Hitch balls are rated for towing, not recovery. The shock loads on recovery can be quite large.

Unbolt the ball and put a shackle in there. Besides, the strap can slip off the ball too.

I think a 3" would be better if you are a heavier rig like a mid-size SUV. It would be good to have both. The 2" is usually for lighter rigs like minitrucks or lighter suv's.

30' is a good length. The 20' seems to be short for many situations

Good luck & be safe!
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