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Default Dumb questions about the factory stereo

I'm about to buy a GX470, and before I spend a day fiddling with local (over-priced, high mileage) options just to figure out the stereo, I thought I'd ask... do I want one with factory nav or with the base stereo?

What I want:
- Decently functional bluetooth connection for hands free calling, music source, and phone-based navigation
- A 3.5mm aux input for when friends are in the car and are playing DJ.
- Either decent quality sound or easily replaceable (i.e. I can DIY with Crutchfield's help) speakers

More context:
I do everything from my phone, so really don't want or care about the outdated factory nav, and it seems like there really is no way to upgrade the head unit on the models with nav. So I'm inclined to get the base unit and replace it with a modern double DIN aftermarket one.

However, if the nav unit has decent bluetooth integration (i.e. hands free and music/nav audio input), then I can live with the big useless screen being there. The backup cam is nice, and the ML audio may be nice enough that I don't feel the need to upgrade everything. I'd honestly rather not do the work.

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