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Originally Posted by michaelreed View Post
I run 5w30 mobil1 synthetic. Never heard of the oil youre using but the manual says to use 5w30. Any reason you're using 10w30?
Actually its Mobil Super 10W30.

5W30 can be a bit hard to find where i'm from, because of our crazy weather (hot as hell).

I really haven't give it much thought since its the type of oil almost everybody runs overhere.

Local Yotatechs say to use 10W30, I can't really argue with that if a qualified tech tells me.

A friend of mine with a supercharged taco had the same questions on why was it so hard to find 5W30, he made a huge research, asked around on the taco forums and what not. They said it makes sense because of the temparatures we get its ok to use it.
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