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Originally Posted by bulldog View Post
Great pics, trailer looks like a great comfort for these trips.

Need to get parking for one here.

BTW: You going for the Grizzly Adams look??
I'm going for the, no one decides my grooming standards but me after 20 years in the Marine Corps look, lol. It's really just so everyone knows I'm retired now. I'll probably shave before too long.

That's very true about the trailer. It's a great comfort for anyone. but for me the trailer is really the only way I can do trips like this anymore. It's a bit of a story, but I have degenerative spine issues, herniated disks, arthritis, compression fractures, from my lumbosacral to cervical spine. My back can't handle mats and air mattresses, and I can't sleep on a flat surface, at least not if I want to be able to move the next day. We have an adjustable base temper cloud luxe at home, and being away from it literally puts me out of commission within a night or two. Even with it, I occasionally need my wife's help getting out of bed. The trailer allows me to bring along a high quality foam mattress, raise the head of the bed with the tongue jack, and prop my knees with pillows to approximate the position I sleep in at home. Not to mention how much easier it is for me to dress and undress in a space where I can stand and sit as needed. No, normal tent camping is not my thing anymore. It's ok though, I got plenty of it in the infantry.
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