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Originally Posted by Mikestang View Post
Any time the axles come off I replace the seals. For sure do wheel bearings, this was the guy but seems like he's overloaded at the moment:
Yup, looks like he's closed up shop for now. I'll probably go with this guy, who has OEM options

Originally Posted by bulldog View Post
Check all bushings and boots while you are there. Outer tie rod boots, swaybar bushings. It has 17 years of service. I second Mike's suggestion to replace seals and bearings as well - seals on both diff and hub side.

And yes it is a good idea to replace the complete part - LCA as the lower ball joint is a key element of the front suspension. Same with tie rods, CV axles, etc. I would normally vote for OEM parts unless you can find a known good quality aftermarket part.

That is if you plan to keep it for another 10 years.

Easiest is always to take the license plates and replace the part in between
I didn't think about the tierods but I did swap out the front sway bar links a year or two ago. Now that I'm looking at close to $2.5k in parts alone, from McGeorge Toyota, who's usually one of the lowest online part places, I'm liking the "replace everything between the plates" idea more. I'm hoping to DIY all this with occasional help from a neighbor. At least I won't have to rush it and can do it in the garage over the course of several days.
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