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Default Experience with Rock Solid Toys

Many of you will know Rock Solid Toys was owned and operated by Wyatt Tony Scott.

His specialty in the off-road market was building solid axle Toyotas.

The business is now defunct. Scott will need to many charges including
- running an unregistered, unlicensed business
- trading across borders, unlicensed
- failure to deliver goods and services
- unpaid payroll
- unpaid payroll taxes and not providing benefits to his employees
- deceptive practices

and much more. There are legal actions submitted via various attorneys to the District Attorneys Office in Orange County, and many reports to various local authorities.

Basically, Scott was taking peoples money then moving that money around to leverage other issues he was dealing with, and not getting work done for which he had received payments in advance. At this stage there is probably over $700,000 in goods and services that were never delivered.

Approx. two month ago, all customers with vehicles on site at RTS gained access to the shop and recover their vehicles by whatever means were possible. Most were placed on flat beds, some towed. None were in drivable state.

The level of deception is almost immeasurable. He lauded his connection with many well known off-road business who are now posting their anger and frustration towards Wyatt Tony Scott.

The entire series of events that have led to where many of customers are today is worthy of a novel. But as an example, he likely sold the same Atlas case to seven customers, each time with a mock photo with words such as "Here is your Atlas, we are moving forward with the install...." If you were to ring Advanced Adaptors, ADS, Marlin, Demello you would find that your products were never ordered by RTS. Where did all the money go?

I was one of customers, and like many believed him to be a friend. We have learned over the past six months just how deep this deception has gone. I am out of pocket for adjustable shocks at each corner, an auto transmission which he said he threw away, an FJ case that leaks, a front driveshaft that hits the custom crossmember, a crappy skid plate that if looked at by a rock bends up against the hydro assist ram...and more. Four times I received my truck back over a period of two years with promises of it being dialed in. Each time it was sent back to him I was given another bunch of promises that were never delivered on. One of those times it went back is when I was driving on a freeway and the steering shaft at the coupler disconnected and I was sent on a harrowing ride across three lanes of traffic and eventually hitting a guard rail that prevent my truck, myself and the wife going over a 150ft drop to farm land below.

Speaking of gone, his two best employees Matt and Kevin resigned, being owed lots of backpay. Such a shame as these two guys had so much talent. But they are moving on to big and brighter futures. He has no other employees and owes the owners of the building for rent not paid. It also interesting to note that Wyatt could neither weld, fabricate nor run a business. More than 90% of work, in my estimate, was completed by Kevin or Matt. The 10% that Scott did had to be redone because his employees knew his work was substandard.

While my story in itself is not a huge loss, there are many people who paid $20,000 or more in advance, to have Scott do various conversions, to this date we don't know of any trucks that were built exclusively by Scott. Even his own truck "The Beast" which he told everyone he built it, was a lie. The fact is Demello and others were responsible for the build.

If you need help with a build, speak with Robert Otwell at Otwell Fabrication. Robert is doing his best to raise money for one of RTS's customer who is also a vet who was ripped off badly by Scott. Where possible Robert is also helping out other customers and passing on goods at cost, to help them out.

It is a sad event in the offroad-business. The story has traveled far and wide. For myself, the cost of litigation outweighs any chance of me being made whole by Scott's deception, lies and poor workmanship.

There are others who definitely have strong legal cases and we will see the results of those in time (courts are held up due to COVID delays).

My feelings are this:

Wyatt Tony Scott is
a liar
lacks honor
has no shame
shows no remorse
a criminal who needs to pay for his business misdealing

*** he is a sociopath

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