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here's some pics of the speaker install. i used 3mm alloy plate. prolly coulda used something else though. most people use MDF (timber) cos its easier to work with, but there's nothing to prevent the timber getting wet and rotting or dissolving.

i measured the original speaker mounting points for the adaptor plates. then cut the hole out to mount the speaker.

this is the front doors. the stocko speakers are 20w 6"x9" size.

this is the back doors. the stocko speakers are 17.5w and about a 6.5" size.
it was hard to cut the hole out as i didn't have a 125mm hole saw. rough, yes, i know.
plus, the shape i came up with was based on the factory speakers, and looks a little like transformers too.

this is the factory tweeter and tweeter bracket with the new JVC tweeter in place.
the JVC tweeter was a tight fit, so anything larger will be hard to fit.

this is the rear JVC speaker mounted. the speaker would actually fit inside of the hole in the door. and the JVC is a 6.5" too.

the rear JVC's are handle a max of about 200w and have a rubber surround (good for 4wd'ing)

this is the front speaker. JVC splits and handle a max of about 250w. what i liked about these splits was that there wasn't a crossover unit to try and mount.

this is the factory tweeter location behind the door trim. the JVC tweeter is mounted already.

this is a pic of factory speakers. the tweeters are so small its hard to see them. front speakers are larger and more powerful than the rears.

i have already upgraded the stereo head unit to a Sony unit, and i am running standard factory wiring with an 600w amp to power a 12" sub in the back. the difference is outstanding. clearer crisper sound and no distortion higher up in the volume range.
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