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A short discussion then a vote from me...

There is now a proliferation of social media sites. I belong to about six of them ranging from SoCalHamOffroaders, TacomaBeast, SoCal4Runners, 4RunnersForLife blah blah blah.

The sad part about most of these sites is they are not searchable so people new dont know about forums and ask really lame questions like what is the compartment (here) for and "Hey, I found a secret compartment (in the glovebox) (GOOD GRIEF)!

I think in time the offerings of the 120 forum can become relevant again as people new discover they can learn more technical stuff, much quicker, om 120, than T4R. That notwithstanding, I now spend the majority of my browsing time on because there are some good product reviews and lots of retailers selling all sorts of stuff that never use to be available for our trucks way back when we first started out with new 4th gens. As an example - how many bumper manufacturers are there nowadays???? Many!

I would still vote to keep this forum up. I think there's a few of us with some exciting stuff around the corner (shhhh) which will generate interest and stimulate more travel planning as well.

It just needs a new ingestion of enthusiasm by a small grp to start the ball rolling again...I hope!
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