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Don't you Dare take this site down mate!!!!!!!! I only have this, and TTORA, but this is always my #1 place to go!!

If you need some $$$ from us to keep it going, I'm sure we can all pitch in!!! I also do Not have anything to do with FB, have never been on there and have no reason to be. There is too much info here, and where else would we post up our trips! Maybe we need to get another big trip planned out where many can and will attend.
It's almost time for the Mojave Road again, as I miss being out there. Because we went to Death Valley for Easter this year (First time in over 20 + years I haven't been in the Mojave for Easer).
Need to market better I'm guessing, maybe change to 150 so more 5th gen and 3rd gen Tacoma owners will come aboard. And, those who do use the whole FB thing, can actually post up about our little part of the Internet and educate people about what we do and have done here. Half the shlt that is available for the 5th gens......would have never been possible without this site, and us guinea pigs!!

Plus, we've all made a lot of friends here, we have very low bad or misbehaved people on here compared to some of the other sites. This site is superior to all of the other Toyota 4x4 forums out there for our vehicles.

And our leader needs to man up and get himself another proper Toyota/Lexus 4x4 and get back into the flow.......married life shouldn't stop you from doing what you love to do!! Just slow you down a little.

So, My vote is to keep this going and figure it out!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, and I'll hopefully see some or in a perfect world, All of you blokes for our 12th or 13th Toy120 Mojave Road trip...........coming soon!!!
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