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Default JBL Synthesis system with RDS elect diagram

Hiya fellas,

I'm sure i missed it while looking around this site but where is the schematic for the JBL Synthesis system with RDS located?

I think one of my amps is going tits up because turning on the IGN, an ear drum blowing static noise comes out, thereby giving everyone in the car a solid heart attack. This happens twice yesterday and before that it happened about a month ago.

It's random from what I can tell. It doesn't matter if I turn the stereo off or not. Only cycling the IGN causes the system to reset.

At first I blamed the Scion stereo but now I have a Sony HU and it does the same thing. I figure I'll start with the amp(s) then work my way from there.

If any of you stereo gurus have some clues, please share them with me!

'03 V8 Sport 289xxx miles stock
'96 FZJ80 lifted/locked/aired/wired
'02 Kamparoo
'92 SVX
'90 300E
'11 3315HST

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