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Originally Posted by Turbo_Boss View Post
Hey Guys

I have a 4 x 4 Toyota Prado 2007 four (4) cylinder 2TR-FE Gasoline Engine 2.7 Automatic transmission.

I want to change the Transfer and Differential (Front & Rear) Fluid as maintenance.

I was checking the Toyota manual and I am a little confused because its say that it use different fluids if I have a Standard Differential or a Limited Slip Differential

How do I know what type of differential I have?

Can you advise what oil type to get?

Thx & Rgds
The simplest way to know for sure is to lift the rear of the truck off the ground and then spin one of the rear wheels by hand. If the opposite side spins the same way, itís limited slip. If the opposite wheel turns the other way from the wheel youíre spinning, itís an open diff.
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