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Originally Posted by shabaka View Post
digging up this old thread for an update

finally got to get out on the trail to see how, exactly, LSD+ATRAC works

short answer.. AWESOME!!!
seemless engagement
both systems work great together...(an LSD should've been a factory option)

the ATRAC actually "spools-up" the truetrac and brings it to a near 100% lock!!!
both tires spin even if one is airborn (maximum lock i believe is 90% on the LSD)
the extra "push" is noticeable and you can EASE over obsticles
...even when fully articulated
requiring less momentum to climb up ledges and larger rocks

if you do the old school e-brake trick with the LSD+ATRAC
it is even better!!!!
only caution here is that it WILL push the truck like a locked axle
and steering can be a bit harder/less responsive
and the rearend can creep a little bit

if you are on a budget
or want an easier install
or complete auto engagement

LSD+ATRAC is a GREAT option!!!
Given I'm running an e-locker out back - how do you think a front helical LSD (+ATRAC) up front would work out?

I'm kinda thinking AWESOME haha.
2006 4Runner Sport Edition 4WD V8
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