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So, for all of the first timers............things that are required:

Your own personal toilet system!!! We HAVE TO PACK OUR SHlT OUT!!!!
This is mandatory, and is one of the conditions of my NPS permit!!!!

COMMUNICATIONS!!!!!! EVERY TRUCK Must have a working CB (min)
and/or a ham!!!!

Lots of extra water!!! And also.....bring lots of extra water!!!!! Also......bring Lots of extra water!!!!!!! Not just drinking water, you'll also want to bring containers full of water!!!! We will, after all, be in the middle of the Mojave Desert!!!!

Extra Gas!!!!!! Extra Gas!!!!!! I bring 15 extra gallons........10 will probably do it, but if you can bring a little extra, that will be better!!!! The Mojave Road itself, the main portion, is almost 140 miles........but we will be taking side trips, and that plus letting the trucks run for AC during the days, will eat up gas quickly......again, we're in the middle of the Mojave Desert, and there are no 7-11's or gas stations!!!!

These are a couple of the main things that you need, obviously, food, drinks, camping stuff, etc.........

More info!!!

I was checking out the Mojave National Preserve website, and they have a cool new feature. A Desert Tortoise app for I phones and Androids!!
The idea behind this app (which is FREE!!) is to better understand their whereabouts, and such.
They already want us to take a photo of them when we see them, but with this app......when you use your phone to capture an image, it also inbeds the GPS coordinates so when we forward them to the NPS, they know about where they are.

I encourage everyone going to go ahead and download this app for the trip!!!

I Tunes

Android marketplace
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