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Default reverse polarity effect

Originally Posted by Ludedude View Post
Yes, all you need to do is pull the lamp voltage off the factory harness. The trick though, if I remember correctly, is that the factory harness dims the negative side of the circuit as opposed to the positive side like you'd expect. This means you need to run wire to both sides of the switch as opposed to just using a single positive wire and grounding to the chassis normally.

These are the two wires you want behind the factory dimmer switch although I don't recall which one actually dims:
Dude you just blew my mind, lol. SO one is power (yellow/red) and the other (green/white) has power too, bu the green white is neg dimming power?

SO green/white should be the neg
yellow/red power?

I tried to tie into the dimmer control for added foot lighting and got the same results as loose_electron reverse polarity, where the dimmer goes off when the rheostats/dimmer control is at it's brightest and viseaversa.
I do have mine ground to a ground. Maybe that's the problem and it should be grounded to the green/white wire?

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