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Default Instal a power steering cooler

So after poor maintenance and burning my old fluid, causing me to loose my powersteering in the mountains, it was time to fix this with the installation of a power steering cooler.

Ordered one from Summit Racing for $37.98 shipped in one day. PRM-1010 Thin Line Trans Cooler Kit

I wanted to instal the new cooler away from the actual radiator so each received their own flow of air. I didn't want to use the "thru the radiator fins" instal method that comes with the kit. Installing the way I did, the new cooler is about 2" away from the main radiator Here's the space I wanted it to go in.

bought flat stock from hardware and bent over edge of workbench to get the shape to surround the cooler

Cooler inside flat stock

How I mounted the cooler frame at one end

Needed to make a tab to hold this end in

Needed a new hose that turned 180 degrees so just went down to local Pep Boys and showed them the supplied hose and what I wanted


Things yet to do
- get a slightly bigger inside dia. hose (180 degrees)
- going to make a new surround with more accurate measurements
- need a larger internal diameter hose for cooler to reservoir
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