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To explain the flow...

Return oil comes across the front of the radiator, from driver side to passenger side.

This pipe, that runs across the front, is actually a metal "cooling line" (dissipates heat to the air). I wanted to retain this. On the passenger side of this metal pipe it changes back to a rubber pipe and disappears downwards into engine bay and back up to the reservoir.

So I disconnected the rubber pipe where it normally disappears and then used the 180 degree hose to divert the fluid from the metal pipe, into the cooler. From the cooler I routed the supplied hose (in the kit) behind the headlight and around the reservoir and into the supply side (top, thin line).

At this stage I discovered the supplied hose had a marginally too small diameter so I will need to replace this hose with something a little larger.

Other notes:
Needed to cut the corner out of my winch solenoid box mount and move it across a few inches to get as much air across the cooler fins as possible. I was not worried about cutting down the mount as it's a VERY solid piece of steel.
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