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I have used dual band mostly for the second band to drive APRS. APRS was connected to the GPS, and it was a really nice feature when with other that had this enabled as you could see them on the GPS. Made it easy to find each other.

Used dual band only a few times to monitor a repeater while still simplex with the group. This is handy, but not used it very much.

90% + of the time used 1 band in the 2m range to communicate with others in the group. The other features are only handy if others have them as well, but in our past it just never saw much adoption.

Really depends if your wheeling groups are starting to use the other features i.e. repeaters by areas for events, APRS, etc. We talked about it a lot on 120, but it never got traction here, maybe other groups. Though in my experience it is hard enough to get people ot get hams and licenses never mind the expanded features/benefits.

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