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Default Need your help now - stop this !

We really need TOYOTA 120 and any/all other OHV groups to jump in here and start firing emails to LEE KIRK....... and tell them:

"Alternative #1 is the only plan that continues to allow use of EXISTING Roads, Trails and Dry Washes. For that reason, Alternative #1 is the only plan I Support."

The more you can change up the wording the better, they openly admit they discount Form Letters, Vague Statements, and replies that just Vote for or against.

BLM is attempting to change the designation of the govt. land from OHV travel
"Limited to Existing Roads, Trails, and Dry Washes" (Current Status),
to a new status which is being reclassified as
"Limited to Designated Routes".

I will work on trying to get support from OHV groups.

If they get ANY of these NEW ALTERNATIVE PLANS passed....It will effectively close EVERY trail they don't specifically "DESIGNATE". This will make it illegal to travel non-designated desert roads and trails.

American Freedom is having its throat slit. FIGHT now for YOUR LAND!
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