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Unread 06-28-2017, 09:11 AM   #41
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Originally Posted by Jeffy View Post
She was definitely great! I'm sure you've got tons of pictures but I thought one more couldn't hurt
No, I appreciate it, made me cry some more, so I had to drink some more whiskey last night.......I'll take all the pics you got!!

Originally Posted by bulldog View Post
Sorry to hear Robert!!!
Always hard to loose a pup, especially when you go out and camp with them like you do.
What are you thinking of, another rottie? Yours have always been so cool on trips.
Thanks Mate.......
I'll most certainly have another German Rottie eventually, as they are by far, the best dogs around!!
But, the next one has already been chosen for me. My boss wants me to take his almost three year old German Shepard........they have three other dogs, and the wife is allergic to her.......and the son has not been taking care of her like he was supposed to do.
Never had one before......but I know that they're great dogs too. But, she needs a home.........and I'm a better option than a rescue group or pound!
Just need a little time, and am still trying to work on cleaning up some of Sasha's hair, as she shed a Lot..........although, probably about half as much as this Shepard does!
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