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Default Kurtfab front diff bracket install

Installed a Kurtfab passenger side front diff bracket. It was pretty quick and painless. The new bracket looks nicely beefed up and I doubt it will experience any failures down the line.

See this thread for more detail on the modded bracket

To install this bracket will probably take 30mins at the most if your tools are already out. The hardest part is to remove the skid plate to get to it.

You will need the following tools:
19mm socket
22mm socket
Socket wrench
Breaker bar (might be needed if wrench doesn't have long handle)
TQ wrench
19mm wrench
Floor jack or bottle jack that can reach to the diff.

1: Remove the factory skid

2: Support the diff with the floorjack so it doesn't hang on just one side. No need to try to raise the diff, just gentle position the jack to hold it at current height.

I supported the diff under the pumpkin to allow for more workspace.

3: Next first just loosen the 3 bolts that hold the bracket in place. The larger bolts that holds it to the frame (marked in red) is 22mm, the other 2 bolts (marked in green) are 19mm.

4: Remove the rear most bolt that holds the bracket to the diff. Next remove the bolt that holds it to the frame, this bolt actually has a nut on top of the frame, which is 19mm (marked in green in the pic below). I held the nut with the 19mm wrench while removing the 22mm bolt below. Lastly remove the center bolt carefully to avoid the bracket from falling on you.

Make sure to note the top and bottom orientation of the bracket. The new bracket will look a bit different, so you need to double check everything. Also check the big fitment washers on the top and bottom of the bracket.

5: Put the old bracket next to the new one and make sure you have the right side to the top. Also double check to make sure you fit the large washers on it correctly. The washers might stick to the bracket so make sure you have one on the top and one on the bottom.

Old and new bracket

6: Install the new bracket. Use the center bolt to hold it first and then fit the front and back bolts. First just fit all 3 bolts and then lightly tighten all 3 bolts.

Finally TQ the bolts. The 2 diff bolts (marked green above) are 118 lb-ft and the frame bolts (marked in red) is 101 lb-ft (remember to hold the top nut when tightening the frame bolt).

New bracket in place

7: Remove support jack and reinstall skidplate. And feel comfy that you most likely will not break the bracket, which will take out your CV and sump at the same time.

Happy wheeling

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