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Default USA SPEC BT45-TOY Bluetooth installation in NAV 2005 with RSE(DVD Player)

After searching for non-nav's high and low, we had to settle for a Navigation version GX 470 because having a clean car was much more important as compared to having upgradability.

The sound system on GX is Mark Levinson, and for a non audiophile, it is phenomenal, with one big flaw. There is no bluetooth streaming capability, only voice capability.

Therefore I decided to install USA SPEC BT45-TOY. My first stop was authorized dealers of both USA-SPEC and VAISTEC in the bay area. Total cost ranges from 350-450$ depending upon who I asked.

200+$ extra over Amazon price (139$) seemed a big deal. So decided to DIY.
Its not too bad.

We purchased the unit

And some plastic tools

The installation guide which came along also asked us to use BT-TOYR cable, not available on amazon, but from USA-SPEC site.
I figured its needed if you want to "USE" the RSE. We don't even know if it works, and have no plans of using RSE. So we did not order this cable.

Here are the steps.

Remove the plastic side ribs on both sides

Its quite easy


Same on the other side

The front panel next to screen are much tougher though. We had to struggle a lot and literally pry them out. But be very careful. Do not break the tabs


After that its just a couple of screws pairs and its out

Cable plugging is very easy.
Remove cable from back of system, plug into CAS-TA cable, plug CAS-TA into system, and then wide cable to the BT-TOY unit

Put it in glove box. Note DP switch settings. When in use the you can see Title in CD screen. It comes as Disc 4

Mic we stuck with sticky tape on dash and took cable out from the top. I was not confident of running it to roof due to side curtain airbags in the A pillars

Sound quality is great. You can pick up calls using track up button. Volume buttons on unit as well as wheel work. Track back and forth works for spotify. However sometimes where is a delayed response.
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