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Arrow Adding an interior Rear Hatch Release- Write up

this adds a pushbutton on the inside of the rear hatch to open it.

use at your own risk, if something frys its not my fault.

2 ft 18-20 ga wire
1 momentary pushbutton
1 toggle switch with safty cover
2 1/4" spade connectors
piece of electrial tape

Drill with 1/2" bit
soldering iron
screw driver

switch packages. these are just what i used, and momentary pushbutton is fine. i wanted the safty cover so that the button couldnt accidently be pushed. the toggle was 4.99 and the button was 2.49

Start by removing the screw that hold the pull strap on.
then just pull down (or toward the front of the car if the door was closed) on the cover, it is held on my body clips aroudn the bottom and three tabs where it meets the glass.

once removed you will see the rear door ECU

we want the purple with white stripe and the light geen with red stripe. i have already stripped a little off them in this pic.

now lets open up the toggle switch. we only want to cover so take the switch part out.

once the switch is removed, we are going to need to open the hole up a little for the push button to fit. carefully use the 1/2" drill bit to do this.

now open up the push button and solder a couple of pig tails onto it.

I forgot to take a pic, but put a small zip tie on the wire just below the switch, this helps keep the weight of the bouncing wires from tugging on one post or the other of the switch.

now drill a 1/2" hole where you want to mount the switch. and then install the button and the cover. this is where i chose to put mine.

and the back side. you can see i already put the connectors on also.

so strip the ends of the pig tails and crip on one half of the 1/4" spades, doesnt matter which ones go where. its just a continuity circuit.

now take a couple of 4" pieces of wire and crip the other half of the connectors to them. and then strip the other end for soldering. solder them onto the purple/white and light green/red wires.
like so. i prefer to just strip off a bit of the insulation rather than cut the stock harness.

and now you should have this.

now wrap some tape on the solder joints. and well put the cover back on. the three tabs at the glass hold it really nice so that we can make our connection.

push the spade connectors together and then put the cover back on.

finished product. with the safty cover up

and in safe mode

works great, and easy and under 10$ if you have the wire and soldering stuff already
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