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Unread 07-25-2016, 08:41 AM   #1
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Default Prado 120 V6 starting slow

I have a 120 V6 Prado that recently had its motor rebuilt and lots of parts replaced
From owning it there has always been a problem that she takes just an extra turn or two to start but now that she is a spare car in the family I have Benin monitoring it and when she is cold and has not been driven for a day or so she starts first turn but after that especially if left for over an hour or so she turns a couple of extra turns and there is a smell of unburnt fuel
I have replaced starter motor ,spark plugs, injectors have been tested, mad has been cleaned, exhaust is decatted and cleaned
My question is there a sensor or two that measure engine temp that might be mis reading about the engine temp on start up and over fueling . It has been to Toyota and two other mechanics so hence my frustration and the fact that it is intermittent is a problem
I have read about other cars with similar problems

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Unread 07-29-2016, 04:24 PM   #2
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I live in Perth and have exactly the same problem ever since we owned the 2004 Prado for the past 2yrs.
My wife cooked the engine during summer when she kept driving after it sprung a coolant leak and $10k later with a complete engine rebuild with just about everything replaced and a different set of heads as ours had warped too far and new fuel filters, tank dropped/cleaned and new fuel pump/MAF senser cleaned and checked and all error codes cleared (as we had mentioned this starting issue to the workshop owner (who was Toyota trained and now runs a performance workshop).

After all that it still has the same starting issue and it drives me crazy trying to figure out what it is. 50% of the time it is hard to start and over-fuels as you can smell it and especially after it has been driven. First start up in the morning is usually fine, but not after that and i am very mechanically minded and have read about this issue being common but never has anyone offered a solution to the problem.
The workshop owner said it usually is the fuel pump or blocked in-line fliter that causes the problem but swapping those out did not fix our problem
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