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Unread 09-15-2017, 03:04 AM   #1
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Default Possible Stability / Traction Control Issue?


Bear with me while I explain the situation and hope the PP brainstrust can shed some light on my situation.
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2005 VX v6 petrol

I’ve noticed this thing happening on occasion since owing it 2 years 30,000 k’s ago. Recently I’ve changed suspension and noticing this “issue” more often.

Car is a VX so it’s got the same Traction Control/Stability system as the Grande (yet with coil springs from factory not airbags).

When I turn around a corner that’s a bit bumpy at moderate speed (15-25km/h) I get a “microwave oven style” “Beep-Beep”.

I’ve always assumed this was either the traction control or the stability control engaging? Am I on the right track?

2 weeks ago I fitted a lift kit. Dobinson 300 and 327 coils (front/rear) and Durashock shocks (80 series cruiser rears). Firestone airbags currently at 10psi.
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I fitted the kit with full tanks and am letting them run down to get an empty height for carparks etc. With full tanks it rides really nice, as the fuel weight comes off it’s a little firmer and a bit more bouncy around town.

I’ve noticed the Beep-Beep a few more times recently and wondering if this is an issue peculiar to a VX because of the traction/stability? Or maybe anyone with a Grande with coil conversion noticed this?

Is it an issue that I’m getting the “beep-beep” ? I really don’t think I’m hammering it around these bumpy corners. Not sure why the Toyota system feels the need to tell me everytime it engages?
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It sounds like the skid control kicking in if it is around corners. You can try to recalibrate the VSC system, instructions listed on forum for 4Runners which is similar to the Prados. Also seems like your suspension is not very well tuned, especially in the back, likely causing the axle to bounce and the tires to loose traction on corners with uneven surfaces. You may want to rethink your coil/shock combo.

2019 Low Rider
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