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Default Difference between 4Runner and Tacoma front suspension

Before getting my OMEs I was looking at difference options for the front suspension of the 4Runner and ways to disconnect the front swaybar (still thinking on that one).

SAW just released their new coil-overs at that time for the Tacoma. They had the 2.0" and 2.5" version. The 2.5" version required a new swaybar. So I ordered a swaybar to see if I can use it on the 4Runner and then have a spare should I decide to cut one up.

Toyota lists the track F/R for the 4Runner at 62" and the front track for the Tacoma at 63". A slight difference, but one to be aware of.

When I got the SAW swaybar I quickly noticed it was wider then the stock one.

Then when I fitted it to the 4Runner I realized it wont work as the links were hitting the spindle.

So the moral of the story is that you need to check with your coilover supplier if the part is for the 4Runner or Tacoma or if it will work with both. I believe currently you can only get the 2" SAW coilover for the 4Runner (both models are availible for the Tacoma) and Donahoes seem to work for both. Not sure about OME. But check with supplier before you buy.
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