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Unread 12-02-2016, 10:51 AM   #1
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Default 120 Steering Rack Adjustment

I am feeling a little 'rattle' through the steering on dirt roads and light corrugations or poor surface bitumen. Just a small indication I think that a shim needs adjusting or similar.
Does the steering rack have an adjustment?
Is there a quick way to change the oil in the power steering setup? I usually (in past vehicles), have just emptied the reservoir several times, filling it up, running the steering and then empty it again. I usually put in a Nulon bottle at the end too.
Anything wrong with this approach?

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Unread 12-04-2016, 08:28 AM   #2
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I too have the same "looseness" in steering when in 4wd on rough surfaces. I always wondered about that too but it has not gotten worse with time and I don't feel it on the street.

However changing fluid made no difference for me. But what I did to clean it out was with the engine off. I disconnected the lower hose (after sucking out as much old fluid as I could) going to the res and slowly turned the wheel back and forth which pumps the fluid out of the lines. Of course have the vehicle lifted off the ground. I suck the hose into a bottle to collect the old fluid and checked it often to make sure it didn't overflow. Then after it got smaller amounts out I found that turning the wheel from full lock to lock quickly helped to get as much of the old out as possible.

To fill connect it all back up and and put fluid in the res and basically turn the wheel back and forth and with several fills and turning the wheel you will bleed all the air out of the lines. Once you notice the fluid has stopped going down from replacing air this is when I turned the engine on and did the same thing to make sure there was no more air in the lines and it was topped off. Be warned it will make some noise at first but will go away when the air is out.

Hope this helps you! If I recall correctly I used Redline D4 as it was a comparable fluid to what Toyota uses and I had it on hand from my wife's cars transmission changes. It's a high quality fluid.

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I would start to check the steering shaft and rag joint in it for the symptom you mention. Also the inner tierods tend to wear out and can give that sensation, but there can also cause shimming on the steering wheel on the highway. No adjustments I'm aware of on the rack it self.

To swap fluid the only option I have used is suck out the reservoir fluid, replace then cycle engine and turn steering wheel to pump fluid through system and suck/replace at reservoir. You can also use a fluid exchanger and tap into the steering cooling line, if available. I started using high end ATF instead of power steering fluid and seems to work fine, also added a cooler in the line since I run 35 MT tires and driving slow in technical terrain can heat up the PS fluid quite a bit.

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Unread 12-05-2016, 04:03 PM   #4
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Originally Posted by bulldog View Post
also added a cooler in the line since I run 35 MT tires and driving slow in technical terrain can heat up the PS fluid quite a bit.
Would that be overkill for 33's?
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