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Default Rear coils and rear bumpers

Thought this might be an interestign topic since more folks will be getting steel rear bumpers and swing arms for spare tires, etc, etc.

I used to run rear coils that were 2.5" taller than stock free height and 20% firmer. They wroked great for my rear cargo system and fridge with slide in the back, gave me around 2.5" lift with a nice ride. Tehy were bit soft in the mountian passes when fully loaded (body roll), but with firmer shocks worked pretty well.

I then got the 4x4labs rear bumper with dual swing arms. After adding the 100lbs spare and hi-lift on the back these coils just didn't cut it anymore.

Keep in mind that the 4x4 labs bumper should be quite a bit lighter than the CBI bumper, especially if you take into account the rear crossmembers are removed. I woudl estimate a difference of more than 50 lbs (it does have dual arms though). Might be good to weight them sometime.

Either way it is not just the bumper but when you add a big spare and goodies on the back things get interestign. SImilar to winch on the frotn bumper. Difference is that the rear goodies sit further away from the axle and the front IFS setup hides weight better than an axle does.

Either way I now have rear coils that are 17.75" free length adn 45% firmer than stock (same as OME 895s at around 260 lbs or so). With the high pressure FOx shocks they lift around 3 1/4 to 3 1/2" with the rear bumper, HD spare, hi-lift adn rear fridge/slide/paltform, recovery gear and tools in the back. I hope they settle to a little less than 3" after some wheeling though.

This info might be useful for folks down the line when they start looking at rear coil/shock options with steel bumpers.

Folks running OME can probably just upgrade to 896s with 142s and should be in pretty good shape from 895s and 141s. Folks using DR, Allpro, Toytec coils might have to get the existing specs (free length and coil rate - % from stock or actual). Then crawl underneath and get an apporx measurement of how much the coils compressed and then calculate from there what is needed. Custom coils here we come -

Enjoy and discuss when you get bumpers.

2019 Low Rider
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