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Default OME Install - no spring compressor

I installed a new set of OME shocks this weekend, to go with my OME springs.

Most people seem to use a spring compressor to assemble their front struts, if they are not already assembled. Spring compressors are difficult to use and dangerous.

Here is the process for installing the unassembled front struts, without a spring compressor.

Be careful not to damage any of the CV boots in this process.

First: Jack up the frame to the top of the highest setting on your jackstand. I placed mine under the bolts for the crossmember supports.

Also place a jackstand under the opposite rear corner, to stabilize the frame. If you dont do this, the action of jacking up the suspension, will compress the opposite rear suspension, and not allow the shocks to compress enough to be assembled.
(This photo was taken when doing the passenger side strut).

Remove the tire, and you now have your suspension at full extension, with room underneath for a floor jack.
(There is no sway bar in this picture, you may need to remove that too.)

Remove the nut, washer and rubber bushing from the upper shock mount.
This will allow you to remove the shock, when you lower the A-arm.

With a floor jack tight against the lower A-arm, remove the two lower ball joint bolts.

When the bolts are out, you will need to support the hub and brakes. I used 20" 2X4 under the wheel studs (upper in the bolt circle), instead of trying to tie it to something.

Then lower the jack and let the strut and spring extend to their full length. Remove the lower shock bolt.

You will probably need to use a lever arm to help you push the lower A-arm down far enough to get the bolt out. The lower A-arm bushing are causing the resistance. I used the jack handle over the ball joint fitting, and under the A-arm. I leaned on it with my knee, to free both hands for removing the bolt.

This is how the bar fits in the lower LCA.

Now, the spring pressure is relaxed, and you can wiggle the spring and shock out of the suspension. You will need to continue holding the lower A-arm down, to make room for this removak.

Now put your new shock and spring back in the same way. Don't forget to put the big bushing washer on top of the strut, before installing everything.

As you lift t he spring and shock into position, you need to align the top of the shock and the top of the spring, into their proper positions. Push down on the lower A-arm, to place the lower end of the shock in it's seat. Install the lower shock bolt.

Now jack up the lower A-arm, while making sure the top of the spring, and upper shock are properly aligned. The shock stud will come up into its final position. Install the rubber bushing, washer, and nut.

Now the shock can hold up the suspension, so you can release the floor jack (or not).

Now you need to bring the hub back into position on the lower balljoint, and install the two large bolts.
Edit: These use the Red LocTite, and factory torque specs of 166 lb-ft.

Make sure you don't have any spare parts that you forgot to install, tighten all of the bolts, re-install the swaybar if you took it out.

And you are done!!!
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