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Replacing Center Console Lights by Expat

First the part # of the lights:

    90010-09015 long yellow
    90010-09017 short clear
    90010-09019 long green

Ok so a short write-up for a 10 minute job.

To start off, we are talking about this set of controls and display

Remove the storage bin by opening and pulling upwards


Locate and remove screw under the a/c controls


Lever the lower half first, towards you


Then lever the top half towards you, one corner at a time


You can see here the male plugs that hold the asssembly (two at the top two at the bottom)


Disconnect the only wiring harness


Now your free to see several of the light bulbs that mostly only require a screw driver to turn approx 1/4 to free from their recess. There are eight bulb locations in this picture that you can see.

Note that there are several types of bulbs


green and yellow long (a/c controls, recirc air and defog), clear short (for led display), one short black (reset/mode/time set), and two small leds that are soldered onto the circuit board for the defogging and recirculating air buttons. (I have no info on how to replace the led's)

These leds are activated by pressing on the black buttons on the circuit board. I think, but need to confirm, that there is a least one more led for the seat belt warning and security lock display.

Anyhow, place the bulbs in the appropriate sockets, give them a 1/4 turn approx and then follow the procedure in reverse.

Edit: BTW - I swapped the yellow and green bulbs around and it doesn't seem to make any difference to the amber color that results.