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Cleaning the engine bay by Bulldog

It is necessary to clean the engine bay from time to time before doing maintenance on it, especially if you take the vehicle offroad a bit. This prevents dirt from getting into the mechanicals of the engine and also looks better.

I prefer to just get it clean enough rather than risk using abbrasive detergents. I also prefer doing it when the engine is cold. Below is a picture of my cleaning supplies: some Simple Green, paint brushes and a normal hose spray (donít use a pressure washer). Next to it is the dirty engine, it has been a lot dirtier than that before.

Rinse the engine bay off with water. Then spray an ample amount of Simple Green on all the areas including the inside of the hood. Brush the areas you can reach with the paint brushes and apply Simple Green and some more water as necessary. If there is a lot of oil or grime residue you can let the Simple Green soak for a while before starting to clean. Once done simply rinse off and repeat of troublesome spots if required. And there you have a clean engine to work on or just look at. You can get the engine cleaner, but this is a quick, simple and effective method with no risk or harmful chemicals. (And it smells good too)