Forum Rules

The purpose of this forum is to provide a clean, mostly technical and generally work/family safe environment for members to enjoy!
These rules are a guideline for use of this forum and subject to changes and updates without prior notification. Members choosing not to abide by these rules can be suspended or banned.


1. No political or religious content.
This normally only leads to unnecessary conflict among members and is not the purpose of this forum.

2. No nudity or sexually explicit content or links to such content will be allowed.
This forum is intended to be a work and family safe environment. Please use your discretion in posting material. Also discussions of such material will be deemed unsuitable for this forum. Content will be removed at the discretion of moderators and administrators.

3. No vendor advertising of products will be allowed without prior permission of the forum moderators or administrators.
This includes posting links to websites in posts or signatures. Please consult first before doing so. Failure to follow this can lead to suspension or banning. Also vendors engaging in questionable business practices will not be allowed, this includes providing inferior products, deceiving members, failure on delivery, etc. This will be determined on the sole discretion of the moderators and administrators. Further no more than 3 new threads or old thread bumps per vendor in one month, unless agreed otherwise with forum administrators.

4. No foul language.
As it says, also abbreviations of such language will not be tolerated.

5. No flaming or bashing of members or other forums/message boards.
This will not be tolerated in posts or via PMs. Starting flame wars with other forums will not be tolerated.

6. Creation of a second account on this forum will not be allowed.
This will lead to immediate suspension and/or permanent banning. If you need to change your username please contact the moderators via PM.

7. No discussion of engaging in illegal activities.
This includes pirate software, stolen software keys, illegal wheeling spots, illegal vehicle modifications, illegal music downloads, etc.

8. No communication in private (PM or other) between a moderator/administrator with a member for moderation purposes can be shared in a public post by the member.
This only leads to conflict.

9. Please no whining or complaining.

9.(a) No trolling or deliberate posting for the sake of starting an argument.

10. No spam.
See rule #3. This can lead to immediate and permanent banning.


1. Please do not embed pictures bigger than 800x600.
This makes it difficult to read threads and also makes it difficult for users on dial up. If you need to show bigger pictures please use links.

2. Use appropriate titles for threads.
This makes it easier for people to respond and also to search later. Please do not use lead in titles like “Guess what I installed today….”

3. Use search before posting a thread about a question.
You will sometimes be amazed at the information already available. If you did search and couldn’t find it, please state so in your post. Maybe you were using the wrong terminology and this will avoid people telling you to search.

4. Have a great time in this forum and if you have suggestions please post them in the suggestions section.

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