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Land Cruiser Prado 120

The Prado 120 is sold in the worldwide market since 2003 as the smaller more economical Land Cruiser. The most noticeable market for the offroad enthusiasts is Australia, where it is offered in a 5dr version of different trim levels. In the European and certain other markets a 3dr version is sold as well.

Its body styling is very similar to the Lexus GX (or should we say the GX is similar to the Prado 120), with a high roofline. The interior styling is also very similar in layout to the GX470, but trim level is significantly downgraded from the GX. The versions offered with the Navigation system uses the Toyota Navigation unit instead of the Lexus unit, which is similar to the unit offered in the 4Runner in the US market.

Platform specifications for the 5dr is the same as the 4Runner and GX derivatives. There are 2 engine choices in most parts of the world.

  • 3.0 Turbo Diesel with 128 HP at 3600 RPM and 252 lb-ft at 2000 RPM
  • 4.0 VVTi Gas/Petrol with 245 HP at 5200 RPM and 252 lb-ft (Manual version) or 282 lb-ft (Auto version)

It is also offered with 4 different transmissions depending on engine.

  • 4 spd Auto
  • 5 spd Manual
  • 5 spd Auto
  • 6 spd Manual

The 3dr version has 13 shorter wheelbase and 16 shorter overall length. It is also speculated to be the paltform for the new FJ Cruiser which will be introduced in the US in 2006/2007.

Australian Specifications

UK 3dr Specifications