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V6 Quick and clean oil change by ATRAC

With the filter located on top of the engine, the oil can be changed on the V6 without even dropping a skidplate or going under the vehicle. Very nice design. To remove the old oil an extractor is used instead of the drain plug.

First put a pipe in the drain hole by the oil filter catch plate, this way any oil coming out of the filter will not drip on the engine from the drain hole.

Now the oil filter can be removed without any mess or fuss. Now simply remove the dipstick and insert the extractor’s tube in through the dipstick hole. Create a vacuum and the oil “magically” end up the container with no mess or fuss. This unit was bought from Griot’s Garage. It also shows you how much oil is being extracted.

Put in fresh oil and filter and you are done, quickly and cleanly.